Pixelberry and Bidalgo drive a 250% higher ROAS with Universal App Campaigns

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250% Higher ROAS with UAC for Actions compared to UAC for Installs

Business Objectives

  • Become a Top 25 grossing app in the US market
  • Grow revenue across a diverse gaming portfolio
  • Drive effective App Marketing with a strategy focused team

Implementation Strategy

  • Run Universal App Campaigns for different business goals to acquire different user types (installs, actions and value)
  • Increase spend for desired user types while closely monitoring campaigns
  • Apply Bidalgo’s platform insights to identify best in class image creatives across the UAC network

Winning Metrics

  • Top 25 grossing app in the US
  • 4X increase in scale across UAC in 6 months, working with Bidalgo to streamline new product adoption (UAC for Actions)
  • 250% higher ROAS with UAC for Actions compared to UAC for Installs

“As a small studio, Pixelberry has only three people leading the marketing efforts for their Choices app. With the help of Bidalgo’s ad  automation platform and design expertise, Google’s Universal App Campaigns allowed us to reach and teach millions of players around the world. The combination of creative excellence and guidance from Bidalgo to help steer UAC targeting make for a winning recipe.”

Filippo De Rose, Director of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Pixelberry Studios Pixelberry Studios

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