Helping People Connect? Find Love? First Make Sure They Find You

Acquire users who are more likely to subscribe, engage over time and go premium with intuitive, multi-channel campaign management, actionable insights and powerful automation.

Get Matched With The Best Users

Our robust User Acquisition suite was purpose-built to help UA managers reach their KPIs: lower CPI, more subscriptions, higher ad revenue

• Create Campaigns More Easily
Our campaign creation interface will make your daily workflows more streamlined and efficient.

• Scale Activity, Not Complexity
Manage multiple campaigns and even multiple products easily – using activity-wide budgets.

• Get Better Results Using Bidalgo Automation
We utilize historical data and advanced algorithms to automate creation and optimization, at scale, including gender and age-sensitive automation.

Analyze Your Activity to Make It Stand Out

Transform your analysis and decision-making capabilities with unique, actionable insights and AI-powered recommendations

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Transform all your data—channel, MMP and BI—into actionable insights using real-time analysis.

• Know More With Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Take Action from Within The Analysis Screens
If you see something actionable during analysis, act immediately. It only takes a few clicks.

Unlock The Key to Users' Hearts With Better Creative

Eliminate creative blindspots, streamline asset production, and infuse creative management workflows with actionable insights.

• Rank, Measure, Test, Optimize
From fatigue detection, to KPI-based quality ranking and predictive testing  – get all the actionable insights you need, and act on them immediately.

• Iterate With A Click of A Button
Generate assets with high performance potential automatically, based on proven concepts.

• Go Behind The Scenes of Success
Understand what makes some of your assets successful, and how to replicate that success.

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