Maximize Your Marketing Budget ROI With Bidalgo​

Every tool in our tool belt was designed to drive User Acquisition KPIs, at scale, and provide decision support to data-driven mobile marketers. Replace guesswork with insights, and uncertainty with powerful analytics.

Optimize Decision-Making and Analyze Your Decisions' Impact

Our uniquely-actionable insights and decision support tools help executives reach their most ambitious goals without guesswork.

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Transform all your data—channel, MMP and BI—into actionable insights using real-time analysis.

• Know More Through Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Analyze The Impact of Any Action
Uncover hidden correlations between the decisions you make and your User Acquisition performance.

• Keep Your Finger on The Pulse of Your Business
Track performance over time and receive customizable, targeted reports in your mailbox.

Supercharge Your User Acquisition Workflows

There’s not glass ceiling to User Acquisition capacity when you use the Bidalgo platform to drive your KPIs and optimize your workflows

• Create Campaigns More Easily
Our campaign creation interface will make your daily workflows more streamlined and efficient, including tools for teamwork and collaboration.

• Scale Activity, Not Complexity
Manage multiple campaigns and even multiple products easily – using activity-wide budgets.

• Get Better Results With Bidalgo Automation
We utilize historical data and advanced algorithms to automate creation and optimization—at scale.

Get the Most out of Your Creative Production Pipeline

Eliminate creative blindspots, streamline asset production, and infuse creative management workflows with actionable insights.

• Rank, Measure, Test, Optimize
From fatigue detection, to KPI-based quality ranking and predictive testing  – get all the actionable insights you need, and act on them immediately.

• Iterate With A Click of A Button
Generate assets with high performance potential automatically, based on proven concepts.

• Go Behind The Scenes of Success
Understand what makes some of your assets successful, and how to replicate that success.

“Bidalgo has been our main partner is helping us improve our app into the top 100 grossing apps.”

Oliver Miao, CEO, Pixelberry Studios Pixelberry Studios

“As a growing gaming company, we massively scaled our activity using Bidalgo’s platform, top level professional team and their fast adoption of the newest Facebook features.”

Sebastian Szczygiel, CMO, Huuuge Huuuge

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