All the Data You Need, All the Insights You Dream Of

Drive User Acquisition KPIs using our omni-channel data analysis suite, actionable insights, creative intelligence and unique heuristic data

Performance Analysis Like You've Never Seen Before

Get ahead of your competition by having a Bidalgo advantage: omni-channel data analysis tools, insights, recommendations and heuristic data

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Transform all your data—channel, MMP and BI—into actionable insights using real-time analysis.

• Know More With Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Take Action from Within The Analysis Screens
If you see something actionable during analysis, act immediately. It only takes a few clicks.

Creative Analysis That Makes It Possible to Replicate Success

Rapidly optimize ad creative production with tools that quantify creative potential and performance.

• From Assets to Insights
The Creative Dashboard gives you glanceable, actionable insights about the performance of your creative assets.

• Get Your Recipe for Success
Discover successful creative ingredients through Bidalgo Creative Brief’s advanced algorithms.

• Scale Your Creativity
Easily judge creative performance in real time, optimize activity, and detect creative fatigue.

“Bidalgo’s Creative Intelligence allowed us to eliminate the guesswork and iterations involved in developing ad creatives and focus more on results. Using this technology Cookapps was able to produce ad creatives that delivered higher ROAS across multiple audiences”

Boram Ku, Director of Marketing and Ad Monetization, Cookapps Cookapps

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