Easier UA for Your Teams, Better ROI for Your Clients

Manage your clients efficiently and get better results using intuitive multi-channel campaign management, actionable insights and powerful automation

Add a Dose of Efficiency to the Way You Run Campaigns

Bidalgo was created for UA managers, by UA managers, and built to drive KPIs by optimizing workflows across the board

• Create Campaigns More Easily
Our campaign creation interface will make your daily workflows more streamlined and efficient.

• Scale Activity, Not Complexity
Manage multiple campaigns and even multiple products easily – using activity-wide budgets, view sharing and permission-based access.

• Get Better Results With Bidalgo Automation
We utilize historical data and advanced algorithms to automate creation and optimization—at scale.

Optimize Decision-Making With Better Data and Insights​

Get ahead of your competition by having a Bidalgo advantage: actionable User Acquisition insights and AI-powered campaign recommendations.

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Our real-time analysis tool turns all of your data – including channel, MMP and BI – into actionable insights.

• Know More With Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Take Action from Within The Analysis Screens
If you see something actionable during analysis, act immediately. It only takes a few clicks.

• All the Data You Need, at Your Fingertips
Let every stakeholder be up to date using executive views and scheduled reports.

Get the Most out of Your Creative Production Pipeline

Rapidly optimize ad creative production by understanding what works, what doesn’t, and how to replicate success.

• From Assets to Insights
The Creative Dashboard gives you glanceable, actionable insights about the performance of your creative assets.

• Get Your Recipe for Success
Discover successful creative ingredients through Bidalgo Creative Brief’s advanced algorithms.

• Scale Your Creativity
Easily judge creative performance in real time, optimize activity, and detect creative fatigue.

“Partnering with Bidalgo’s powerful cross-channel marketing tool allowed us to be more efficient, gain better results through improved creative production based on Bidalgo’s AI insights and gain deep understanding through powerful data visualization and analytics”.

Bo Jacks, Account Director, Assembly (former Unique Influence) Assembly (former Unique Influence)

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