To Help Users Improve Their Lives, First Help Them Discover Your App

Acquire users who are more likely to subscribe, engage over time and go premium with intuitive, multi-channel campaign management, actionable insights and powerful automation.

Get Your Workflows in Shape, While Increasing Your ROI

Our robust User Acquisition suite was purpose-built to help UA managers reach their KPIs: lower CPI, more subscriptions, higher ad revenue

• Create Campaigns More Easily
Streamline your daily workflows by using our mature, multi-channel campaign creation suite.

• Scale Activity, Not Complexity
Manage multiple campaigns and even multiple products easily—with activity-wide budgets.

• Get Better Results With Bidalgo Automation
We use historical data and advanced algorithms to automate creation and optimization—at scale.

Measure Your Campaign Vitals

Arm yourself with actionable insights and AI-powered recommendations.

• Data Analysis – Reinvented
Transform all your data—channel, MMP and BI—into actionable insights using real-time analysis.

• Optimize for Any Funnel Size
Cohort any event and date range with ease, to optimize based on the full picture of your funnel.

• Know More With Data Enrichment
When the channel and the measurement platform don’t give you asset-level analytics—Bidalgo does.

• Take Action from Within The Analysis Screens
If you see an actionable correlation during analysis, act based on it with just a few  clicks.

Find a Way to Users' Hearts

Eliminate creative blindspots, streamline asset production, and infuse creative management workflows with actionable insights.

• Rank, Measure, Test, Optimize
From fatigue detection, to KPI-based quality ranking and predictive testing  – get all the actionable insights you need, and act on them immediately.

• Iterate With A Click of A Button
Generate assets with high performance potential automatically, based on proven concepts.

• Go Behind The Scenes of Success
Understand what makes some of your assets successful, and how to replicate that success.

“Using the Bidalgo platform our large marketing team can conduct efficient user acquisition activity at scale – from campaign management and analysis to creative production – while reaching our KPIs.”

Riccardo Bianchetta, Head of Paid User Acquisition, Bending Spoons Bending Spoons

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