The Future of UA: Webinar Series

Dive into some of the new changes in user acquisition in a special webinar series, as we dissect the latest in the trajectory for the future of UA and how marketers can prepare for it.

About the Series

With all the latest conversations on the uncertainty of the present times, we got to thinking about the future. In spite of everything that’s going on in the world today, the UA world has also been slowly but surely moving forward with some massive changes of its own. New channels, user-level data restrictions, automations and black boxing… oh my!


In an effort to tackle the latest shifts in the future of UA amidst these changes, we’ve launched a webinar series with some of our industry partners. In this series, we’re diving into changes around new and upcoming channels, the importance of data transparency and the key role of creative management, which gradually replaces the traditional campaign management. 

The Future of UA:
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Creative Management Is
The New Campaign Management

Moderated by:

Rick Grunewald, Digital Marketing Analyst, PerBlue
Peleg Israeli, CRO, Bidalgo
Matt Skurnick, Product Growth Lead, Bidalgo



To succeed in the new paradigm of increased black-boxing and automations, advertisers need to pivot toward a creative-centric approach.

That being said, it’s not easy to understand what creatives are working and why, to identify ad fatigue, to manage creative production at scale, and to do it all in a way that’s time and cost efficient.

To overcome these challenges, only advertisers with the right tools and creative-first approach will succeed. So, how do we get there? We’re breaking it down in this fireside chat with Rick Grunewald from PerBlue.

"Data Transparency
Dealing with Blind Spots"

Moderated by:
Itai Kafri, Global Director of Product Growth, Bidalgo


With campaign automation and channel black-boxing on the rise, advertisers are finding their access to key campaign data, especially at the user-level, more restricted than ever. 

So, what data is missing today and what seems dubious as we look toward the future? Are IDFA and GAID on the way out? How will the industry shift as a result of these changes and what can we still do about it? We’re tackling all this and more in this advanced session

Channels of the Future:
Introducing TikTok

Moderated by:


Ryan Byrnes, Partner Manager, TikTok


Justin Principe, Director of Sales & Business Development, Bidalgo

TikTok offers a huge new opportunity for advertisers, and now’s the perfect time to try your hand at advertising on the channel, as these early days offer a special window of opportunity to get a foot in the door before it becomes more saturated and competitive.

For this session, we’ve got Ryan Byrnes from TikTok joining us to discuss key channel details and best practices, alongside trends and results from early betas.

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