How To Scale Pinterest User Acquisition With Promoted Pins

By Ran Milo

Adopting new channels to grow user acquisition is critical for app marketers. While learning a new channel and placing significant ad spend on it is not so easy to do.

Plus, launching on a completely new channel and leveraging its best advertising practices fast enough to reap the early benefits being exposed to the fresh audience could be a significant challenge as well.

Pinterest is a new emerging channel with quality users any app marketer should explore. The Bidalgo team started testing Pinterest Promoted App Pins as a beta partner in Fall 2016.

Here are some best practices we’ve learned to help you launch faster and better.

Pinterest as the new channel for app marketers

Pinterest is changing the app advertising game with Promoted App Pins, now available to all advertisers. With a user base of 150 million and an average household income of over $100,000, Pinterest is a marketer’s dream come true.

As a channel, Pinterest makes it easy for people to discover fresh ideas and get inspired to do the things they love, which includes finding mobile apps designed to meet their needs.

Promoted App Pins, specifically, are an effective way for people to discover your mobile app naturally, right when and where they’re looking for it. Promoted Pins look like regular Pins, and they seem very native to the users.

Thus, Promoted App Pins have enormous capabilities to increase your visibility and get your app stories to the right audience at the right time. And, Pinners can download apps directly off Pinterest.

Bidalgo lessons on Pinterest paid marketing

The Bidalgo team started learning the best practices and strategies to scale direct marketing for its clients on Pinterest since Promoted App Pins entered early beta in Nov. 2016.

Since then, we tested what creative adjustments are required, which targeting works best ( the type of keywords, interests, user groups), and we let our advanced algorithms run a sequence of self-optimizing media buys as variables change exponentially in the last 90 days.

Here are 7 of the top best practices we discovered:

1   Creative is the most impactful lever for Pinterest UA

Make sure your ad creative matches the keyword targeting. Pinterest users, as they search the platform, get inspired by topics of interest. So, match your creative around that assumption.

To make your ads even more effective, design them around Pinterest ad creative dimensions.

2  Focus on verticals with high potential

Because so many Pinners are interested in things like health and wellness, photography and personal finance, we’ve seen strong, consistent performance for advertisers with apps designed to sell across those verticals.

Additionally, e-commerce and casual gaming apps have seen great results.

3  Post-install optimization drives user LTV

Early results showed that Pinterest-driven users have a high lifetime value, particularly in taking in-app actions and making in-app purchases.

This makes the Pinterest audience very much qualified for app marketers, getting installs and developing app loyalty and user spend.

4  Use readable, short titles and qualifying artwork that makes it clear it is an app

For all marketers doing Direct Response, conversion depends on simplicity and clarity. Use titles to help users find what they want. Make titles short and useful.

5  Find keywords that work best for Pinterest

Cross-pollinate demographic insights and keyword targeting from other social channels.

6  Prioritize US launch over any other GEOs

That’s where the majority of Pinterest’s high-value users are, so you want to go where the audience is in big volume to see results.

7  Leverage “Actalikes”

Similar to Lookalikes on Facebook, Pinterest “Actalikes” can deliver cost-effective CPIs and increase ROAS as you scale your campaigns.

With the above, you should be able to come up with a launch strategy for Promoted App Pins to aid your user acquisition.

Having such a strategy is a battle half won. The other critical half is execution. What can you do to ensure successful early adoption faster with the scalable results you could brag about later?

Proven approach to adopting a new channel

Advanced mobile marketers keep a sharp focus on performance targets and do not shy away from using help to crack the creative and media-buying DNA of a new channel as they start exploring its potential for their game and app.

They know they have a short window of opportunity to tap into fresh audiences before their competition does. They know the value of each moving piece to solving this puzzle. Thus, they usually have both success elements secured:

(1)  Use a solid platform capable of running scalable paid campaigns well on the new channel early on (such as Pinterest in this case)

In the advertising industry, platform partners are usually the first ones to have a robust ad tech to run campaigns at scale vs. the native tools, developed by any channel partner.

In our case, the Bidalgo product team works closely with Pinterest’s product team to deliver seamless, bug-free integration and speedy support in case of new developments and releases.

Plus, with Bidalgo, you get additional performance marketing features required for app marketing success such as mass-uploading, media-buying algorithm, creative optimization and an all-in-one data dashboard (including MMP data).

So, it makes sense to use partner ad technology if you want to succeed early on. Bidalgo clients do not have to think about it since they run all of their campaigns on our platform and enjoy the benefit of getting access to features required for advanced performance marketers that are not currently supported on Pinterest native tools.

(2)  Use an agency with a high spectrum of clients to test creative approaches

Bidalgo top grossing app clients, regardless of team size, manage user acquisition work for their mature channels and apps in-house using Bidalgo’s SaaS platform with advanced algorithms to sustain consistent growth.

When they launch a new game or have an opportunity to explore a new channel, they use Bidalgo’s full services to do so because they know we start adopting such channels and new ad formats early on.

By the time such ad formats become available to all advertisers, the Bidalgo team usually has early success lessons across several clients applicable to their app.

They also manage the entire creative production process (creating Pinterest ads for your app) and optimize media buying, targeting and creative strategy based on your app performance and across other clients.

That way, your app has a higher chance to find its best strategy faster, using its own and other app lessons within the same short period of time.

Think of your agency team as a secret spy team, getting early intelligence in and working out all the details that are otherwise disruptive to your day-to-day work.

Think of our tech platform as a secret ship that gets to you a new channel planet faster, before everyone else.

So, what do you have to lose? Get started with Promoted App Pins now, before your competitors invade this planet of highly engaged (because they are inspired) users.

Published on March 28, 2017
Written by
Ran Milo

VP Marketing @ Bidalgo.

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