iOS 14.5+ Facebook Campaign Testing Playbook

Trying to optimize your Facebook campaigns following the release of iOS 14.5? Want to know what to test, and how to isolate actionable insights? Our Media department experts have two-part guide for you, with test structure recommendations for short and mid-term testing.

Taking Your Web Marketing Mobile

Join the experts from Google, Weee!, & Bidalgo as we explore key differences, challenges & solutions that web marketers face in bridging the gap to mobile.

A Simple Guide to TikTok Creative Success

What are the differences between user acquisition on TikTok and other networks? How should your build and maintain your campaigns? Is there a way to maximize your chances of creative success? Learn this, and more, in our simple and practical guide.

Creative Insights Report 2020

What percentage of ad creative underperforms, and which formats are the most popular ones? This, and much more, in the Bidalgo Creative Insights report