Gain an Edge on iOS 14.5 and Beyond,
Without User-Level Data

See why Bidalgo is uniquely suited for online marketing on iOS 14.5+,
and future-proofed against the disappearance of user identifiers on other platforms
Creative-Centric, Not User-Based

Build your marketing stack on top of ad creative data, not user-level metrics

Works With SKAdNetwork

Our SKAdNetwork-ready clients already see their SKAN data, including conversions

Easy Setup, Quick Results

Connect your accounts and start working, no coding or SDK integration required

How We Are Different:
Creative at the Center

Unlike most marketing BI platforms, the core stack of Bidalgo is built on aggregated data, not user identifiers. For us, ad creative is the basic unit, which creates a connective tissue between upper funnel and lower funnel data sources even when IDFA-based attribution chains are broken. Here is what it means for you:

SKAdNetwork Data, Immediately Usable

View SKAdNetwork data, as well as all other data streams and modeled data, from a centralized location. With Bidalgo, you always see the full picture, no matter where your data is from.

Granular Analysis, No User Data Required

Get the insights you need to scale and optimize without relying on user identifiers, using our unique ability to drill down from multi-channel performance to a single creative.

Uniquely-Actionable Insights, Available in Just A Few Clicks

Don’t settle for pivot tables and spreadsheets. We’ll give you advanced visualization & analysis tools for your data, and let you focus on what’s important—making the right decisions.

It's Here, And It Works

Having to integrate, analyze and present insights based on multi-source data isn’t new for us. Bidalgo is, consistently, among the first marketing platforms to adopt new technologies and adapt to industry changes. We already visualize SKAdNetwork to our clients, and provide them with actionable insights around their ATT-compliant activity

End Your Reliance On
User-Level Data, Today

Over 30 Data Sources And API Integrations

and dozens of other providers.