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Get ahead of the competition with data-driven creative platform which eliminates blindspots, streamlines production, and infuses management workflows with actionable insights.

User acquisition is all about audiences, bidding and creative. Managing audiences and bidding is rapidly becoming streamlined and automated, leveling the playing field.

But What About the Ad Creative?

Industry Problem
Performance Analysis
Our Solution
Visualization of channel, measurement platform and BI data in one place
Industry Problem
Predictive score for performance potential
Our Solution
Predictive ranking of uploaded assets even before they’re tested
Industry Problem
Matching creative to performance
Our Solution
Creative performance data & insights across channels and campaigns
Industry Problem
Creative fatigue
Our Solution
Creative-level, over-time analysis capability against user-defined KPIs

The Bidalgo Creative Center is a set of advanced tools purpose-built for supercharging creative production and analysis, at scale. It helps online marketers optimize both workflows and results throughout the entire creative lifecycle, from before the asset is generated to its eventual retirement.

Proactively Detect Creative Fatigue

Discover the earliest signs of creative fatigue throughout your activity, using tools such as over-time creative analysis & performance ranking

Rank Creative Across Channels & Ads

See performance-based rank for all your creative assets in one place – based on aggregated data from channels, the measurement platform and BI

Test Efficiently With Predictive Ranking

Save time and money by analyzing new assets to discover their performance potential even before you start the creative testing process

Match Audiences to Creative Formats

Discover the best ad format for each audience when you group and analyze assets by parameters such as aspect ratio and resolution

Go Behind The Scenes of Creative Success

Want to know why one creative succeeds where others fail? Bidalgo highlights top-performing elements, colors and concepts for your ads

Analyze Better With Data Enrichment

Want to know who saw your ads? Delivery data is just one of our unique, heuristic streams based on multi-source calculations

Need Better Assets? Bidalgo Can Help

Struggling to develop enough winning creative? Look no further than our Creative Studio, which works with few of the world’s largest advertisers. Packages are sold on top of Creative Center subscriptions or as a standalone offering.

“Bidalgo Creative Center helps us understand which creative concepts resonate with our users and how their performance is changing over time”

Martzel de Domingo, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Ubisoft Ubisoft

“Bidalgo Creative Center is extremely valuable to us. It helps us review our creative performance at a glance and within the context of a specific campaign or audience. It also helps us spot early signs of ad fatigue and take action in a timely manner”

Florinda Pannofino, Mobile Marketing Specialist , Bending Spoons Bending Spoons

“As creative management becomes a bigger focus, Bidalgo’s Creative Center has been a real competitive advantage. The predictive scoring in particular is a game-changer for flagging our best assets. Everything the AI identifies as a 5-star rating is gold for us and it’s nice to see that it’s being validated every time.”

Rick Grunewald, Digital Marketing Analyst, PerBlue PerBlue

“Bidalgo’s Creative Center helps us examine our creative on a broad multi-channel level and drill down to segment the overall view. The Creative Center and AI is a natural combination as the AI does a great job of testing and feeding information to the Creative Center. The resulting insights are extremely easy to consume and share.”

Taylor Lundgren, User Acquisition Manager, Ludia Ludia

“With Bidalgo Creative Center we’re able to visualize our creative performance across channels, placements, and audiences to make better decisions on our campaigns”

Jerome Lanquetot, Co-Founder, Godzilab Godzilab

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