Reach Your Goals Faster, With Algorithms That Have Your Back

Bidalgo's full-funnel automation capabilities serve as a virtual team member, who can run the tests and optimizations you need—at scale.

The Road to Sustained Growth Is Easier to Walk With Someone by Your Side

Bidalgo provides UA managers with the option to set goals for machine-driven testing and optimization of campaigns and creative assets. Run tests at scale, save money and grow your operation.

Automate Campaign Creation Without Worry

Bidalgo can create campaigns for you, using historical performance data and industry-wide benchmarkscombining your best assets, audiences, placements and media tools into more effective ads.

Get the Best Version of Every Campaign

Campaign optimization workflows continuously adjust the mix of ads, campaigns, bids and budgets according to your goals and real-time performance datamaking sure that no dollar goes to waste.

Utilize the Best Creative Approach for Any Audience

Bidalgo automatically picks the best creative for every audience based on historical data and performance analysis, making sure each audience gets the right ads.

Capitalize on Media Tools You’ve Never Used Before

Find out which media tools work best for your campaigns, even if they’re new to you, using our automated exploration scenarios.

“I was very impressed with Bidalgo’s AI performance, which exceeded our goals by a landslide. It allowed us to scale beyond the size of our team, achieve better results and focus on larger marketing initiatives.”

Eugene Joannides, Co-Founder & COO, Mistplay Mistplay

“With Bidalgo’s automation, we were able to more than double our daily spend while continuing to increase our ROAS and conversions. Bidalgo AI allowed us a new degree of efficiency we didn’t expect in such a short time.”

Noga Laron, Head of UA & Growth, Playstudios Playstudios

“Working with Bidalgo allowed us to get better ROAS while increasing our activity in a streamlined and predictable way. We’ve already seen the stellar performance of Bidalgo AI on other channels, and are happy to see the same great results for our Google App Campaigns activity.”

Gabi Castellan, Head of User Acquisition, Ilyon Ilyon
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