Find Treasure in the Forest of Marketing Data

Win the marketing race by providing the best ads to the right users, using a data aggregation and analysis platform unlike any other.

All the Insights You Need,
Just a Few Clicks Away

Bidalgo brings clarity to mobile marketing activities, distilling vast datasets into actionable insights and goal-oriented breakdowns. Get on the path to continuous optimization with our real-time, multi-channel analytics.

See the Full Picture to Make Better Decisions

Bidalgo insights can be based on the entirety of the data important to you: channel, measurement partner and BI. This combination ensures the highest level of precision and trust.

Get Actionable Answers to Your Questions With a Few Clicks

See how each of your assets and decisions influences the bottom line with the Bidalgo over-time graph, as well as other breakdowns and pivot tables – designed for insightfulness.

Eliminate Blindspots With Bidalgo Data Enrichment

Sometimes neither the channel nor the measurement platform can provide you with asset-level analytics. Bidalgo uses available datasets to bring you reliable heuristic data.

Ensure Your Success With Bidalgo Creative Center

Get ahead of the competition with data-driven creative platform which eliminates blindspots, streamlines production, and infuses management workflows with actionable insights.

“Leveraging Bidalgo’s platform and expertise, we were able to free up more of our team’s time through automation and utilize the cross-channel insights to drive efficient performance at scale.”

Eugenia Kovalenko, Director of Marketing, Smule Smule

“Bidalgo’s platform, creative analysis and in-house guidance has helped us optimizing for highest performing ad sets to attract quality users at scale across Facebook and Google.”

Kerem Alemdar, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Gram Games Gram Games
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