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By Team Bidalgo

The new Google Universal App Campaign (UAC) ecosystem has leveled the playing field for mobile app marketers. By consolidating Google Search, Google Play Store, YouTube and Google Display Network into one central portal, Google has made it easier for smaller and medium-sized apps to run app-install campaigns across all Google properties. This all seems well and good, but as a result Google has made it increasingly difficult for savvier advertisers to stand out and take control over their UAC campaigns for stronger performance. The levers that these advertisers were once able to pull no longer exist.

Gaining Back Competitive Edge

Bidalgo, the leading provider of ad automation solutions for mobile apps, recently announced the launch of a first-to-market self-serve solution to help app marketers optimize their UAC and to take back their competitive edge across all Google properties.

The Bidalgo platform gives app marketers a competitive edge by significantly improving their creative assets; providing real-time, actionable data visualization, enabling management of UAC campaigns in conjunction with all other significant channels for mobile installs. It delivers:

  • Creative AI Dashboard: a comprehensive picture of creative assets; what’s working, what’s not, and how assets measure up to industry benchmarks.
  • Faster Campaign Creation: marketers can set up campaigns approximately ten times faster than using Adwords with a more streamlined process and the ability to bulk upload videos, images and playable ad units.
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Management: seamless campaign management across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Apple Search as well as UAC for cross-channel optimization.
  • Asset Management: more control over creative assets, with the ability to opt in or out at the asset level and to group creatives by video length, dimension, ratio and more.
  • Actionable Data Visualization: a deeper understanding of campaign performance and improved ROAS with real-time, multi-level cohorted reports exclusive to Bidalgo.
  • Expert Consulting Services: Bidalgo is backed by continuous account management from leading industry experts offering essential advice, insider industry benchmarking, strategic media buying, and creative design guidance.

The UAC Bible: Get Bidalgo’s Complete Guide to Universal App Campaigns

UAC represents a revolution in the app marketing world. It uses machine learning to get apps into the hands of paying users, and the simplicity of the system creates a more accessible ecosystem for all app marketers. As the leading authority on everything UAC, Bidalgo recently released a guide on the subject which delivers everything you need to know when dealing with this channel; from when and why it was created, to succeeding in a UAC only world. To access the guide, click here.


Published on April 9, 2018
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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