Playable Ads: Our Top 3 Examples

By Idan Hershkovitz

With Facebook recently releasing playable ads to market, game developers and app advertisers are on high alert as this exciting new ad format offers the potential to unlock higher quality users, effectively encouraging them to ‘try before they buy’. By delivering successful playable ads across Facebook, app advertisers are immersing users in the game environment for stronger LTV.

Bidalgo has been creating and running playable ads alongside leading production studios in the industry and has seen strong conversion to payers in the process. We are delighted to share with you our top 3 favorite playable ads around today and illustrate how these ads meet our best practices for strong playable ad performance:

CrossInstall | Idle Miner Tycoon (Fluffy Fairy Games)

Interactive mobile ad production company CrossInstall developed an immersive playable ad for ‘Idle Miner Tycoon’, an addictive mobile simulation game from German hit makers Fluffy Fairy Games. The game itself takes users on an exciting journey to become an industrial tycoon.

Why we love it: The playable ad has been clearly thought out to accurately represent the game with embedded actions for the user to get an immediate and clear understanding of what to do in order to succeed. The look and feel of the game have been carefully translated into the playable ad alongside strong game-play elements.

The playable ad quickly demonstrates the mechanism of winning which encourages continued playing, encouraging installs. The ad has been constructed with strong instructional values which will lead to swift game on-boarding.

Glispa | Narcos: Cartel Wars (FTX Games)

Independent game publisher FTX Games worked with global ad tech company Glispa to produce an engaging playable ad for its hit game Narcos: Cartel Wars. This roleplay game based on a hit TV show welcomes players to enter the world of Narcos to build the ultimate cartel.

Why we love it: Glispa leverages the brand of Narcos, including El Patron himself, and places it at the forefront of the playable ad. This strategic placement contributes to the right amount of gravitas to connect players directly to the Narcos world. In a bold move that paid off, Glispa removed any intro to the game in the ad, bringing users into the action of the game by blowing up buildings from the get-go. From an immediate point of entry into the playable ad, users can immerse themselves in game-play, as the ad has been constructed with well-known icons and strong game UI. The closing segment delivers reward points to the player, creating a strong demand to download.

Play it here:

Bidalgo | Choices: Stories You Play (Pixelberry Studios)

Pixelberry’s ‘Choices: Stories You Play’ game, allows players to follow a choice-driven narrative where they can fall in love, solve crimes or embark on fantasy adventures. Pixelberry used Bidalgo to create a playable ad, offering users a taste of an immersive choice-driven experience prior to install.

Why we love it: Team Bidalgo successfully translated existing ‘Choices’ video ad assets into playable format as both ad types share similar behavioral patterns. The ad’s lead-in video was faithful to the playable ad itself, which in turn strongly represented the actual game and emphasized the ‘playable’ icon, allowing users to immediately understand that they could play this ad.

Facebook Playable Pixelberry

Using AI, Bidalgo created the ad based on strongest performing ad components and theme, exposing Facebook audiences to a ‘scandal’ story for stronger engagement. This playable ad makes use of instructional elements to encourage a smooth and fast flow, leading the user to quickly perform actions to attain results. And last, but by no means least, the ad was created with a full funnel experience in mind, giving a continued and uninterrupted experience to push the user towards a download.

Play it here:

As Facebook playable ads roll out across global news feeds, it is essential to create them with the end goal in mind. The above 3 ads are shining examples of playables-done-right and harness the right variables for strongest performance potential.

About Bidalgo playable ads: Bidalgo uses AI insights to identify winning creative elements for strongest possible performance and applies them to ad creatives within playable ads. Bidalgo is an official Facebook playable developer creating and running playable ads, working with playable design partners including CrossInstall, Glispa and more.


Published on August 5, 2018
Written by
Idan Hershkovitz

Creative Designer @ Bidalgo.

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