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By Carly Morris

For all you mobile marketing folk, it’s that time of the year again – MAU Vegas (otherwise known as Mobile Apps Unlocked), the hottest mobile marketing conference and a must-attend for mobile marketers, growth specialists and professionals representing the industry’s top brands.

Under the hot sun and bright lights of Las Vegas, at the MGM Grand Conference Center, we gathered at MAU 2019 to hear high-caliber speakers and mobile leaders as they explored, analyzed and debated a host of on-trend topics in a busy agenda, including keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! The team at Bidalgo, was on the ground live at MAU Vegas to give you an event recap and highlight some of the sessions, trends, and hot topics that everyone’s talking about in 2019. Let’s go!

MAU 2019 Recap:

Delivering a Great Customer Experience Requires Great Data

Delivering a Great Customer Experience Requires Great Data- MAU Vegas
Photo credit: @curriedav

In this first-day morning session, Ramsey Kail, Group Product Manager of Overstock, was talking about the importance of brands and small businesses using data in order to create great and engaging moments for their customers. Create proper data, invest time and the right resources, as this can be your way to touch so many customers and turn them into buyers.

People-Based Attribution: Connecting the Dots Between Customer Touchpoints

This session was held by AppsFlyer, our terrific partner.

“To understand the full potential of what attribution data is powering, you have to start from the beginning. It’s connecting the dots — people and experiences— it’s people-based. And we do it with privacy by design.”

Brian talked about Attribution data that allows you to build advanced audiences and to connect with customers across the digital landscape on mobile and beyond, safely and securely. AppsFlyer also showed they are blocking daily fraud of $6M.

Appsflyer attribution MAU vegas

Beyond Branding: Leveraging TV as a Key Performance Channel

Matt, Director of User Acq at Calm, and Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, Head of Marketing, US of SmartNews talked about TV advertising and how important it is to set the right attribution model. See below Calm’s attribution logic for TV advertising:

Calm also shared their own experience with TV, and how they basically started smart and slow. Their key point is: re-use a Facebook creative, find the right agency, build the right attribution model.

Your Acquisition and Retention Funnel is as Strong as Your Weakest Link

This great session by Lyft was all about common mistakes we make, how to use data to determine your core and highest value users, double down on their use case, and convert low-value users to that cohort.

“A sign you have become an acquisition addict is that you start paying for users you’d have gotten anyway,” Sigal Bareket, Senior Director, Growth Marketing at Lyft, said you can get rid of that paid addiction.

Relevancy at Scale in Today’s Mobile First World, by Bidalgo and Lyft

Now it’s Bidalgo’s turn!

It’s getting more complicated and expensive to reach the right audience with the right message at the right timeat scale:

  • The app marketplace is highly competitive (280 million+ apps and counting) and the cost of acquisition has grown 100X in the last 10 years.
  • We are being challenged to measure the incrementality of every ride we drive.
  • We need to know that we are not cannibalizing organic growth.
  • We use more and more channels and tools, and making sense of all the data is challenging.
  • Machine learning is becoming more prominent and you need to manage the human-machine interface.

In this joint session between Lyft and Bidalgo, the audience heard an inspiring tale of how the popular transportation network app has grown, leading to its recent successful IPO.

Bidalgo’s CRO, Peleg Israeli and Lyft’s Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Sigal Bareket, discussed the key issue of relevancy and how to achieve it in an overwhelmingly huge market. Sigal defined some of the specific opportunities for achieving relevancy at scale, such as time of day, time of the week, seasonal moments, weather and other factors that affect the way people order rides. Every app marketer, regardless of their specific market, can identify the factors that affect their relevance in the market, just like the Lyft growth team.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the session about how Bidalgo’s tech stack can help app developers deal with the huge challenge of delivering relevant messages to relevant audiences at the right time – at scale:

  • Uncovering actionable insights: The ability to view, manage and visualize all data in one dashboard, with an apples-to-apples comparison of channels, based on machine learning and creative insights, provides deep data-crunching and supports meaningful performance insights.
  • Understanding winning messages: Solving the biggest challenge of “why” – why is my message/creative outperforming/underperforming; what assets are working better than others? Bidalgo’s platform understands which ad messaging works for which audiences and why.
  • Driving performance at scale through full-funnel AI-powered automation: AI is a huge asset when it comes to automating your campaign creation and revenue optimization, while striking a strong human-machine interface by feeding it with your own input and guidance. This way, advertisers can benefit from the power of machine learning to deliver the right message to the right user at scale while keeping full control and transparency. In addition, it takes away most of the labor-intensive tasks and allows them to focus on high-level strategy, and gaining a deep understanding of their users.

This session was a fascinating foray into the world of mobile growth, how it is evolving in the transportation network industry and for Lyft, and how their success story can be applied to apps in a wide range of markets.

Day 2 has begun with the first session of the day:

How Turo Unleashed Acquisition With TV

The session was held by Philip Inghelbrecht, co-founder and CEO of Tatari, and Adam Miller, Director, User Acquisition at Turo.

Philip and Adam talked about TV potential at scale. Turo was able to make TV their best acquisition channel, with the CPI even lower compared to their most successful digital channel! Myths debunked and terrific insights offered to brands.

Brand Transformation: How WW Repositioned Itself

We all know WW. This great brand made a great switch and learned how to harness the power of their community beyond their diet needs. Even after their audiences reach their target, they stay engaged and loyal to their community. “Make promises you can keep, keep promises you can make,” explains Chief Product Officer (formerly), Michael Korcuska.

Key Trends and Takeaways

Off the stage and onto the exhibition floor, we were thrilled to take part in so many interesting conversations about everything from AI to new channel integrations and capabilities.

This year around the Bidalgo watercooler, some of our favorite conversations had to do with helping resource-strapped UA teams scale their app growth more effectively, where artificial intelligence can really be applied in a campaign and creative automation, and how growth managers can marry their extensive data sets to parse what matters and derive genuinely actionable insights.

And what would a week in Las Vegas be without a little time to cut loose and have fun? We had a blast at this year’s parties, including our own Game of Growth in the Skyloft suites. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by, and a very special shoutout to our wonderful co-hosts and friends at Applovin and Singular.

MAU was a crazy, crazy conference as always, packed with amazing speakers and so many takeaway insights that we can’t wait to share.

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Hope to see you next year!

Published on May 3, 2019
Written by
Carly Morris

Marketing Communications Manager @ Bidalgo.

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