Lessons from China: Effective Mobile Marketing During COVID-19

By Christina Zhan

At the beginning of January, while our US and EMEA teams were still going about their day, teams in Asia were experiencing a shift in their lives due to a new illness. By now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s not dealing with the implications of COVID-19 in one way or another, but it’s worth remembering that the situation people in the west are still getting used to, has been “the new normal” for people in Asia for a while now. 

Throughout this time, the Bidalgo team in China has been working hard to enable our clients to adapt and often even thrive. Some of the strategies resulted in ROAS increases in hundreds of percent, while others helped managers perform their tasks more efficiently — both essential today. Here’s some of what they were able to achieve.

The Opportunities Are Out There

Even with the rapid shifts and uncertainty in online marketing right now, some of our clients’ most significant successes during this time are a testament to the fact that sound strategy and analytical capabilities continue to play a hugely important role. The opportunities are out there; it’s all a matter of recognizing them and being ready to act accordingly. 

This, exactly, is the purpose of the Bidalgo Media Audit—a personalized analysis of the client’s activity from top to bottom, conducted by our specialists. This analysis is built to include views and perspectives often considered out of scope for UA managers, which helps recognize actionable trends and top-performing segments. When this mapping is complete, the client can allocate budgets more efficiently and focus on the best segments. 

One of the clients for whom we conducted a successful media audit during COVID-19 is Kunlun, one of the largest mobile distributors in China, with a wide-ranging portfolio of games and apps. Our media audit resulted in an 18% install volume increase and a 14% install day revenue increase within two weeks alone while streamlining the workflows themselves. 

Mr. Haochen Pan, Growth Team Leader at Kunlun, had this to say about working with Bidalgo: “Bidalgo has not only helped our team reduce 50% time spend on campaign analysis and edits across all platforms, but also helped us gain insight on the full-cycle of the user acquisition process. I am impressed by how innovative our platform is and its top-notch customer support. Bidalgo’s CSM and media audit team are top experts in the field and have given us helpful insights and recommendations on how to improve bidding strategies, ad creative and campaign targeting.”

Another client, a top game publisher in China, saw a 700% increase in the volume of impressions and a 114% increase in payers’ rate within two weeks of their audit. 

Efficiency is Key

Things, as we have already said, move quickly these days, and adapting to changes in real time is no easy task. This holds especially true when everyone is working from home, and inefficiencies of online-only communications make it difficult to make decisions quickly. To solve this for one of our clients in China, we have helped them employ automation based on artificial intelligence.

At Bidalgo, Artificial Intelligence powers many of our features, but with AI ad automation it takes the wheel and steers a campaign into a favorable direction. There are two benefits to employing Artificial Intelligence during this period: analytical and operational. As industries shift and consumption patterns fluctuate, AI can adapt to these changes in real time and detect trends before they materialize. Specifically at Bidalgo, by recognizing trends in real-time, and analyzing a wealth of historical data, our AI can optimize campaigns without user intervention. 

The double benefit here is better performance with less tinkering, enabling UA managers to focus on strategy and optimization rather than on menial tasks. This is always useful, but during a long period of working from home can be simply invaluable. 

How more streamlined and efficient can automated activity be? The client mentioned above saw an 800% increase in 7-Day Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), compared to manual activity. 

Published on April 5, 2020
Written by
Christina Zhan

China Marketing Manager @ Bidalgo.

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