iOS 14.5 Is Here and Bidalgo Can Help You Make the Most Of It

By Team Bidalgo

iOS 14.5 is out. Don’t Panic! Yes, as Apple device owners around the world update their phones and tablets, they (mostly unknowingly) change the way online marketers do business on iOS. And yes, if previous iOS updates are any indication, the adoption will be swift. But this is what we have been preparing for since the changes to user-level data collection were announced last June.

It’ll be weeks before the industry as a whole can begin drawing long-term conclusions about the future of IDFA and dual opt-in rates. Meanwhile, more mundane tasks take center stage: viewing SKAdNetwork data, incorporating it into UA decision-making, and finding a suitable replacement for the user-level data that’s no longer available.

If you’re having issues with iOS 14.5 campaigns, we’d like to remind you that Bidalgo has a fully functional solution that doesn’t require coding or SDK integration. We’ll even help you eliminate some of the new blind spots you’re likely to encounter through our unique data modeling capabilities. Bidalgo’s creative-centric approach connects upper and lower funnel data through creative assets rather than users, making it far more suited for campaign analysis than the traditional methods when user identifiers aren’t available.

So whether you just need one place to connect all of your data sources and visualize them for better decision-making or are already trying to gain an edge over the competition, Bidalgo is here for you.

You can read more on our iOS 14.5 page or contact us for a more in-depth discussion of how Bidalgo can help you succeed.

Published on April 29, 2021
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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