Google UAC: Advanced Methods And Learnings

By Adi Meiri

More than six months after UAC became the mandatory way to promote apps on Google, this machine learning revolution has now become an integral part of app marketers’ daily life. Our complete guide for Universal App Campaigns has helped app marketers to better understand how to win on Google UAC by gathering all essential requirements for a viable UAC strategy.

Advanced UAC best practices from the industry’s top experts

During a special Bidalgo hosted workshop at Mobile Apps Unlocked in Las Vegas, we presented some advanced best practices and tips for optimizing UAC performance featuring Google’s Patrick McGuigan (Business Development, Mobile App Partners) and Pixelberry Studios’ Filippo DeRose (Head of Marketing and Ad Monetization) – hosted by our  very own Strategic Partnerships Manager, Dario Sheikh.

The workshop exposed our top tactics for UAC, including:

  • The prominent role of Creative for UAC and how to optimize creative assets across images, videos and playable ads (HTML5);
  • How to provide UAC with an abundance of the right signals – from passing back many mid-funnel events to bundling similar performing geos together;
  • Choosing the right conversion specs at the right time, based on your KPIs;
  • The unique key to scaling UAC campaigns and how UAC differs from other channels.

View the presentation:

Watch the workshop (courtesy of

Published on June 4, 2018
Written by
Adi Meiri

Growth and Marketing Operations @ Bidalgo.

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