Facebook Playable Ads Come To Bidalgo

By Team Bidalgo

Bidalgo is delighted to announce the integration of Facebook playable ads into its suite of solutions and can now help offer a wider launch of this exciting new format as it rolls out across news feeds everywhere.

Bidalgo clients have so far witnessed a CTR increase of up to 50% and an ARPPU rise by up to 33% using creative hacking and AI technology. Clients have successfully leveraged Bidalgo’s capabilities to tap into quick and scaled production of Facebook playable ads, hacking winning creatives to deploy stronger ads in considerably less time than standard without the need for development resources.

Bidalgo’s comprehensive suite of products and services to support playable ads include:

  • faster creative design and production compared to standard- without using development resources;
  • AI-based media buying for optimal targeting and placement;
  • advanced creative analytics tools to show how assets’ performance measures up against other ads in the same industry;
  • cross channel creative testing and optimization.

Playable ads are among the most promising ad units for app marketers as they allow users to try an app before download, in turn helping drive higher intent for app installs. Bidalgo brings industry-leading expertise and cross-channel experience to Facebook playables, while enabling advertisers to leverage the format on other platforms as well.

We recently published an article offering best practices for getting the best results with Facebook playable ads. Read it here.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new format, Bidalgo is offering complimentary playable ad production for qualifying users. We’re delighted to offer Bidalgo clients valuable plans for playable ad production:

  • Bidalgo fully managed clients: free playable production, based on media plan.
  • Bidalgo SaaS clients: 2% of playable ads’ media spend (minimum fee, $3,000 per playable ad)*.
  • Special Promotion: Get free playable ad production for every $100K of added media spend with Bidalgo!**

To see if you can benefit from this promotion, simply click here to contact us.

* One optimization round included.
** Valid for up to 10 playable ads.

Published on May 10, 2018
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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