Product Update: Bidalgo Adds Full Support for Facebook Automated App Ads (AAA)

By Team Bidalgo

Bidalgo is proud to announce it’s one of the first platforms to support Facebook’s Automated App Ads (AAA) API, built to help app marketers create efficient ads. Using the API, Bidalgo clients are able to create new AAA ads, copy ads and ad sets, reuse existing ads, change creative status and upload new assets.  Previously available only to whitelisted accounts, API access to Automated App Ads is now open to all clients.

These new capabilities join the existing, robust decision-support infrastructure Bidalgo provides to Facebook AAA users. Even prior to the API support, our clients were able to change bids, budgets and ad status, and had access to Bidalgo’s one-of-a-kind, creative-centric insights suite.

The suite, known as Bidalgo Creative Center, enables marketers to assume a creative-centric approach to their activity management and optimize it on the creative asset level. With tools such as predictive rank — used to analyze assets’ probability of success — and over-time analysis which helps identify creative fatigue, the Creative Center is an invaluable tool for optimization of semi-automated activity such as Automated App Ads.


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Published on February 2, 2021
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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