Bidalgo Launches Creative Center to Maximize Ad Creative ROI

By Team Bidalgo

User acquisition is all about audiences, bidding, and ad creative. For the longest time, audience management and bidding strategies were the optimization goldmines, which separated the best UA operations from the rest. But these two pillars are rapidly becoming automated, both in-house by the channels themselves and through 3rd party tools.

This shift levels the playing field, making online marketing accessible to more business and individuals while removing some of the competitive advantages traditionally enjoyed by savvy marketers. But what about the creative? For years, its production was relegated to external teams, and its utilization far less optimized than the other two pillars. Testing was difficult, fatigue unavoidable.

Bidalgo aims to change that, tackling the most pressing creative challenges in order to maximize the Creative ROI and provide our clients with the tools they will need in order to get ahead of the competition in the years to come.

Today, we’re proud to launch our new Creative Center – a feature-rich suite for creative management, analysis and production.

Creative Auto-Production solves iteration capacity challenges.

Not enough design resources to conduct meaningful A/B testing? “Feed” your successful concepts to our engine, and it’ll output numerous iterations with high performance potential.

Creative Measurement translates creative performance into measurable benchmarks.

Tying creative performance to user-defined KPIs is an essential process of creative ROI optimization. We focus on providing actionable insights about performance, as well as the tools needed for comprehensive creative-centric analysis.

  • Detect fatigue with over-time performance graph and see spend/quality mismatches.
  • Discover the contribution of each creative to your KPIs across all the ads it’s in.
  • Make testing more efficient with predictive rank for each uploaded asset.
  • See your best creatives across channels and campaigns
  • Group assets for analysis using specs such as resolution, aspect ratios, and labels.
  • Understand how much of your spend goes to each creative asset.

Creative Management helps you act on the actionable insights Bidalgo provides.

We know that insights are not enough—you need to act on them. That’s why we’re introducing several new ways to manage your campaigns based on the creative assets inside them:

  • Get performance-based creative suggestions when you upload a campaign.
  • Conduct bulk actions on all ads which include a specific creative asset.
  • Refresh campaigns with auto-generated creative to avoid fatigue.
  • Optimize the ad types each audience receives based on creative level analysis.



As part of the Creative Center launch, we’re also opening up new subscription packages—making it easier than ever to leverage its advanced capabilities, as well as those of the entire Bidalgo platform.

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Published on May 13, 2020
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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