Thriving in a CBO World: How Bidalgo uses Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization

By Team Bidalgo

The switch to Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is among the most talked-about topics in the marketing industry these days. While the feature itself was introduced nearly two years ago, it wasn’t mandatory – until now. At least some activity will become CBO-only in September. The end-goal for Facebook is to have all campaigns running with CBO.

But what is Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization, and how will it impact your activity? At Bidalgo, we’ve been exploring CBO for a while – mostly for mobile apps campaigns – and found it to be a very versatile tool. It goes way beyond its stated goal, which is to “optimize budgets across ad sets”. By moving the budget setting to the campaign level, and deciding in real time which of the ad sets should get which piece of that budget, Facebook had created an AI-powered testing machine.

See How CBO Can Help You Streamline Your Activity

We have outlined some of our CBO tests, together with best practices and a few ideas about Campaign Budget Optimization utilization for mobile apps campaigns in our new playbook – “The CBO Factor: Getting the most out of Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization”.

When you download the playbook, you will get access to the following Bidalgo insights and proven strategies:

  • How to rethink your campaign workflow when you use CBO
  • Audience segmentation using CBO
  • Optimization and bid strategy testing using CBO
  • Asset testing using CBO

and much more…

Download the CBO Guide

Published on August 14, 2019
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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