Bidalgo Launches Creative AI

By Team Bidalgo

Winning ad creatives make all the difference in scaling user acquisition campaigns, but app marketers are flying blind when it comes to knowing what makes good ad creatives work.

Producing large amounts of ad creatives and running extensive A/B testing is both time consuming and costly. App advertisers might be able to identify specific ads that perform better, but how can they identify and correctly implement assets that outshine the rest? How can they understand what actually makes ad creatives succeed? And perhaps most importantly, how can advertisers replicate the success of top performing ads for continued and successful creative production?

Enter Creative AI

Bidalgo recently introduced ‘Creative AI’ as part of its self-serve ad automation platform. This new offering uses image and video recognition technology to analyze every component of an advertiser’s creative down to each pixel to them develop ad creatives that drive campaign goals. It allows advertisers to know which ad creative performs and more importantly, why for superior ad production.

Creative AI delivers invaluable insights on all campaign’ components and how they rank in relevant industries. It offers a full breakdown of an ad creative’s DNA and winning elements. Most importantly, it delivers immediate creative recommendations giving advertisers the intel needed to put them ahead of the competition while continuously growing user acquisition.

How It Works

Creative AI uses Bidalgo’s proprietary AI-based algorithms to break down the DNA of successful ad creatives by analyzing dozens of variables including images, colors, promotions, contrast, concepts, copy, and more. It measures the impact of all variables on app marketing campaign goals such as Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Install (CPI) and more providing clear insights into what makes certain creative over (or under) perform. It takes this information and informs advertisers which creative elements to promote and which ones to replace. Bidalgo gathers data from media partners such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and others, as well as industry measurement partners such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, and others to turn the right data into the best performing ad creative using the power of AI.

Creative AI uses innovative AI-based algorithms, combined with image and video recognition technology to provide the following features:

  • Creative Brief: Learn which images, colors and general concepts are most effective, with specific recommendations on how to design the next generation of campaign creative for maximum results.
  • Asset Scorecard: Get a complete blueprint of all ad components and learn how they measure up against the rest of your industry. Quickly understand what’s working, what’s not, and gain valuable insights for immediate fixes.
  • Industry Trends: Stay in the know about what’s working per relevant industry- including  data on ad types, placements and playable ads.
  • Copy Analysis:Find out which word choices, phrases and calls-to-action resonate best with targeted audiences and are most effective for achieving campaign goals.
  • Element Analysis: Learn which elements performed well and which ones performed poorly across all campaign creatives, covering image, video, concepts and more.
  • Top Color Combinations: Understand which colors and color combinations work best to help achieve campaign objectives, with specific recommendations on which color palettes drive the best and worst performance.
  • Top Potential Creatives: Learn which creative assets Bidalgo’s AI algorithms identify as high-quality but are not being delivered to their full potential for optimum spend allocation.

With Bidalgo’s Creative AI in place, app advertisers finally have a solution that can identify all winning ad components for successful performance. Together with a superior production studio and strong partnerships with major media channels, Creative AI can allow apps to scale significantly via strongest performing creative assets.

Published on July 25, 2018
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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