Bidalgo Adds Data Reflection to Help Marketers Establish Sources of Truth

By Team Bidalgo

The marketing industry has long since found itself addicted to data, even when the sheer abundance of said data made marketers’ jobs harder, not easier. We’re all “KPI-driven” and looking for “actionable insights,” but the fact that numbers appear on a dashboard does not mean they’re an absolute truth. 

The provenance of the data we see matters not just because different sources can disagree but also because optimization requires understanding cause and effect. We need to trust the visualization of campaign performance and understand its caveats to optimize our activity correctly. 

But with an ever-growing number of sources and types of data, clarity is hard to come by. That’s what our new data reflection indicators are for. 

Data reflection will help marketers understand the source of the data they see in Bidalgo. Among our most requested features, it solves one of the most pressing issues for every marketer who works with multiple data sources — an unavoidable byproduct of the fragmented data landscape. 

Need to understand whether the install numbers you’re seeing are coming from the publisher, the measurement platform, or your BI? From now on, you’ll begin seeing this source reflection in Bidalgo. You’ll know whether the data comes straight from the source(s) or is modeled in some way.

In addition, for SKAdNetwork-attributed campaigns, you’ll be able to know whether it’s SKAdNetwork data regardless of the route by which it arrived. When the data is based on several sources, such as CPI calculations, you’ll be able to see all of the sources.

While this release adds data reflection to the majority of Bidalgo components, in the coming weeks it will grow to encompass both the creative asset level and the modeled data columns. This update will highlight Bidalgo’s unique data modeling capabilities, which add levels of granularity to performance data we receive.

Published on July 1, 2021
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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