Apple Search Ads: Bidalgo’s Ultimate Guide

By Team Bidalgo

As the key app discovery platform for iOS, Apple Search Ads are a critical part of any mobile UA strategy. The Apple Search ecosystem boasts 175 billion app downloads and $86B consumer app spend. This channel remains a vital addition to any UA strategy as it is the only gateway to IOS search and holds the power to bring in higher-intent, quality users alongside higher quality performance insights using the power of keywords alone.

Running ads on Apple search can deliver:

  • The opportunity of an ‘Instant’ #1 spot in the App Store search results;
  • Accountability for non-ranked keywords
  • Pre-qualified users
  • Strong optimization and keyword discovery based on keyword popularity
  • Fraud clean environment (to date)

With a strong Apple search strategy in place, app advertisers have the opportunity to tap into higher quality user, with an average of 43 days spent in-app per year. Apple themselves recently reported an impressive 65% of mobile app downloads coming directly from their App Store search. Are you making the most out of you Apple Search Ad strategy?

Download Bidalgo’s ultimate guide to Apple Search Ads and:

  • Understand and master the most important aspects of Apple Search Ads
  • Gain practical campaign tips and proven strategies for best possible performance
  • Learn and act on the most common mistakes made on the channel
  • Understand how successful apps have already mastered Apple Search Ads.

Published on January 15, 2019
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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