Update Release: Advanced Google Breakdowns Now Available on Bidalgo

By Team Bidalgo

Bidalgo is excited to announce new features for its Google UAC solution, delivering an even more comprehensive view of campaign performance. These latest enhancements allow app marketers to finally see UAC KPIs organized clearly by Google property such as YouTube, Google Play, Google Search Network, Google Display Network, and to clearly view effects of creative entry points. These latest features further optimize UAC for app marketers allowing them to take back their competitive edge across all Google properties.

Breakdown by Category

Bidalgo’s latest ‘Breakdown by Category’ feature, added to its already comprehensive ‘over time’ graph, allows users to go one step further in visualizing campaign level performance data. Users can now cross reference their chosen KPIs with several drop down advanced criteria options including network, device and location and can now finally view advanced performance insights per Google property (YouTube, Google Play, Google Search Network, Google Display Network), location and device. With this feature in play, app advertisers can see how a variety of different actions affect KPI performance, and can connect specific metrics to clearly understand UAC operations. This latest update, together with Bidalgo’s exclusive access to cohorted MMP data, has the power to offer unparalleled insights into campaign performance available nowhere else on the market.

Refresh Creative

In addition to ‘Breakdown by Category’, the Bidalgo ‘over time’ graph now welcomes ‘Creative Refresh’ functionality allowing users to mark specifically when new creatives are introduced into a campaign. This feature allows users to to view performance in line with specific creative entry points, allowing a clear understanding of how creative inputs impact performance.

These latest features are based on user feedback and are part of Bidalgo’s ongoing efforts to bring users the very best platform features for superior performance.

Published on July 17, 2018
Written by
Team Bidalgo

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