How to Use AI to develop ROI focused Ad Creatives

By Liraz Dvora

As most traditional ‘levers’ for ad success have become automated, ad creatives are fast proving themselves to be one of the main buttons to push for stronger ROI and significant app scaling. With that said, it is becoming more and more challenging to get a clear understanding of how creative assets impact all elements of ROI including audience, channel, geo and placements.

UA teams everywhere are overspending their time testing multiple ad components to obtain winning ad combinations. They are producing many ads to get to the winning few, when they should be using AI to produce the winning few to get to the many.

As AI can help solve this massive industry pain point, we have collected our top 5 ways that machine learning can help advertisers focus on developing creatives with a strong ROI focus:

Connecting Media Buyers and Designers

Your User Acquisition and design teams are essential players to create successful ads, it is imperative that they are talking the same language. With digestible AI insights, design teams can align to better understand the marketing funnel and to take a step away from the confines of a brand book. They can also make UA teams better understand design elements – more notably, which elements can and cannot be used together. These two teams are as important as ever, and with AI in their back pockets, they are armed with the right knowledge to make them unstoppable.

Creative Knowledge

Without AI in place, the ad campaign landscape can be a minefield. There are a seemingly endless amount of variables in play to optimize for ad success – from the ad itself (color, image, text, character) to the elements beyond it (size, placement, channel, geo). A/B testing ad components is essentially wading through hundreds, thousands of elements which push all teams the brink of exhaustion. Placing all bets on existing highest performing creatives is not enough for sustained success. AI understands your highest performing ads per channel and has the power to break down all successful ad combinations to create newer versions for improved performance.

Industry Knowledge

Industry awareness is yet another essential variable to the success of your creative, your team and your operations. Using AI to understand your creative assets and how they sit within your industry can put you one step ahead of the competition. Gaining the knowledge that, for example, you are producing 30% video when your industry equivalents are producing 60% will encourage your teams to uplift allocation and performance in exactly the right areas.

With the right AI in place, app advertisers can effectively benchmark against similar audiences, placements and channels and stay in the know about what’s working per relevant industry- factoring in ad types, placements, playable ads and more.

An example of how Bidalgo’s Creative AI takes a deep dive into all ad components to identify top performing creatives.

The Quantity vs Quality Balance

Having a strong AI tool in place can help you understand where your ads stand by way of both quantity and quality. As an app advertiser, generally speaking, you will either have strong creative assets that just need increased production, or weaker assets that need strengthening before producing them as scale. AI can help you understand the current quality and quantity of your creative assets so you can achieve the right balance and continuously push out highest quality ads at the highest possible volume for highest possible ROI.

A Winning Multi Channel Strategy

By seeing your ads as part of a wider multi channel ecosystem, you are giving your entire campaign strategy a stronger shot at success. The right AI can help assess your ads and find insights that can be shared between channels. For example, an AI-identified winning video concept on Facebook could be optimized and translated across Google properties as a GIF, on Pinterest as a static image, across Snapchat as a still 10 second video, or even as a playable ad.

App advertisers everywhere are fast realising that they need to rely on their ads creative assets to increase their ROI and take their apps to the top of the charts. An impressive level of assets combine to create the winning ad, and apps need AI on their side to help recognize strongest performing creatives in order to generate new, winning versions.

With the latest Creative AI release from Bidalgo, app advertisers can access an industry first solution to establish the DNA of each ad component. With Creative AI in place, they can know exactly which assets perform well, why they perform well, and how to create more successful assets for best possible results.

Published on July 22, 2018
Written by
Liraz Dvora

Head of Creative at Bidalgo

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