6 Mobile App Marketing Automation Solutions That You Must Know Of

By Ran Milo

It seems like nowadays, everyone is focused on developing automation solutions. Business owners are keen about adapting automation technologies to help them increase efficiency, reduce workload costs and boost ROI.

Many tier 1 companies have been quick to adopt automation solutions. This has made implementing automation technologies critical for businesses seeking to scale in competitive industries. The mobile app marketing industry is no different.

At Bidalgo, we are big believers in AI and automation. That’s why we’ve decided to share a selection of six automation-based mobile app marketing solutions that we think that professional app marketers must hear about.

1. Branch.io

What is it?

Branch, an ideal mobile linking solution, unifies user measurement across different devices, platforms and channels, including mobile. Branch provides a holistic view of various user touch points to ensure that links take the user to the right place on the website or native app. With branch, links work across 6,000 edge cases and can drive users directly to a specific piece of content inside their mobile app. This way, context can be kept through the app install process.

How does it work?

Branch operates through a simple 4-step process. First, create a Branch link. Once you have signed up with Branch, you can easily change your links to something like you.app.link or add your own domain. Then you can create a link via mobile SDK, web SDK, API, dynamic long links, or quick links. Second, you associate each link with data, by simply filling in some form fields. Third, users click on links. Branch uses matching to detect your user’s device, operating system, and browser and combine them with cookies to either remember or check whether they have the app installed. Finally, once a match is made, the data associated with that link and link click is redirected back to your app for you to use.


The free version allows up to 200 thousand mobile web visits per month, iOS & Android Smart Banners, Deep linking and install attribution, customizable designs and the use of a codeless design editor.

If you upgrade to Startup (two plans, $59/month and $199/month), you get everything in the free version, plus customizable interstitials, custom user segmentation, A/B testing and a CSS editor. For enterprises, a specific fee is not advertised, but unlimited mobile web visits, premium support, enhanced SLA and a customer success manager are included.

What do you need to consider?

When using Branch, you’ll have to make sure you fill in the right data. The paid versions offer real value for money, so if you like your trial of the freemium version, we recommend you upgrade your package.

2. Marketing Automation for Apps: Localytics

What is it?

Localytics is a mobile user-engagement platform that allows app marketers to identify important trends and automatically act upon specific engagement events in real-time, at the user level. It sends personalized push notifications and in-app messages tailored to every user, at scale.

For instance, you can utilize localytics to automatically send push notifications to users who haven’t used the app in a given period, or communicate with users in a specific location.You can also send a special offer to users who have shown interest in your product or service, based on the specific content that they’ve viewed.

How does it work?

Localytics uses powerful analytics tools to learn about your users’ interests and how they use your app. It then helps you to set up nurture campaigns that target users with the right content, at the right time in their user journey, via push notifications, in-app messages, app inbox communications and Places.

Because Localytics is an advanced tool with multiple features, you can’t simply set up an account. You must first book a live person demo and a walk-through session. Localytics also offers A/B testing, sales funnels and retargeting so you can test what’s working for you, and how to make it better.

What do you need to consider?

Localytics setup will demand onboarding time before it can work at full strength. There’s a lot you can do with it and a lot you will need to learn.


There’s no price information on the Localytics website, as it’s a premium product. You will need to approach the Localytics sales team and ask for a quote.

Who uses it?

Localytics is used by many well-established brands, including Virgin, Amazon, The New York Times, Vimeo, Priceline, Nordstrom, CVS and more.

3. Mobile App User Acquisition Automation: Bidalgo

You’ve got it right, that’s us!

What is it?

Using Bidalgo (or a similar solution) is absolutely mandatory for companies looking to scale up and boost their growth without compromising on ROI.

Social networks play a critical role today in mobile app paid campaigns. Marketers struggle to lower CPIs, increase install quality and maintain a positive Return on Ad Spend…

At a certain level, it’s just not possible to accomplish all of this without having a powerful AI-based automation solution by your side. That’s Bidalgo.

Bidalgo offers a friendly SaaS-based at automation platform and accompanying services managed by dedicated media experts and professional design studios.

How does it work?

Bidalgo automates the entire media buying process by using advanced algorithms powered by artificial intelligence technology. You start by inputting your business goals, available ad creative and target audience. From that moment, Bidalgo AI takes over with full automation of campaign management and ad creation. It can create new ads, change bids, shift budget between campaigns and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple, Snapchat, Pinterest and more, all optimized to meet your business goals.

Bidalgo aims to free more of your time, so you can focus on strategy and creative campaigns, while our efficient automation system does all the hard work. Bidalgo’s Platform analyzes your creative’s performance and provides insights and recommendations on how to produce the best, high-performing creative.

You can choose between three different service options, depending on how much personal control you want to have over the process:

  1. A self-service approach on the Bidalgo platform
  2. Fully-managed media buying services;  or
  3. A hybrid option combining both approaches.

What should you consider?

Bidalgo is a highly effective paid user acquisition platform, for apps that need to scale and maintain ROI or engagement parameters. Make sure that you start using it at the right time, to ensure the scaling up of your paid user acquisition.


Self-service fee is 3% – 5% of media spend, depending on the size of media spend. Fully managed service is 18% of media spend.

You can mix the two services to reach the right balance of cost and service you need… Contact us if you are interested in receiving a personalized quote.

Who uses it?

Mobile apps. From emerging apps to well-established tier-1 app companies, such as Playtika, Huuuge, Scientific Games and many more…  

4. App Store Reviews Automation: Apptentive

What is it?

Apptentive drives 5-star ratings and intercepts negative feedback before it even hits your app store page. It powers customer conversation using in-app communication tools. This way, app developers can interact with their users and gain from productive feedback. With Apptentive you can garner more favorable reviews and learn what areas of your app need improvement.

How does it work?

This SDK-based tool helps you gauge customer satisfaction before asking for a review in an app store. Through surveys and customer conversation, Apptentive automates the process of segmenting your users. Those who love your app are prompted to leave a review in the app store, while those who are unsatisfied are invited to leave private feedback about what can be improved.

You can quickly set up a new account by entering your details, or use an existing GitHub or Google account to join. You can even access metrics showing the level of customer love for your app without creating an account. To receive ongoing information, you would need to register. Apptentive employes many different methods to connect app developers and publishers with their users. Intelligent analytics spot the best time to reach out to each user, automating a personalized conversation, every time. Apptentive uses messages, ratings prompts, surveys, reporting, and notes to mobilize users to take action that favors your app.

What do you need to consider?

Before you get started with Apptentive, be sure to read the full “Step-By-Step” guide, and follow all the instructions for integration success.


Apptentive doesn’t have any prices listed on their website. Instead, they offer a 30-day free trial and promise to contact you to discuss pricing during that time. Apptentive does advertise two plans: Grow, for smaller app companies with up to 100,000 monthly users and teams of 1-3 people; and Enterprise, a custom solution for unlimited team members which includes full support, integrations and custom reporting.

Who uses it?

Mobile industry leaders that include AllRecipes.com, Big Fish Games, Overstock.com, Urban Spoon, Concur and more.

5. Customer Support Automation: Zendesk

What is it?

Zendesk is not expressly a marketing tool. However, customer support is highly linked to marketing, as many direct messages on social media are calls for help. Zendesk automates the process of collecting and referring customer messages.

How does it work?

With so much social media communication being used to seek customer support, app marketers frequently find themselves taking care of service issues.

This has positive effects for marketing, because high levels of customer support usually bring much better app reviews and a high responsiveness rating on your Facebook page. That and happily and engaged users. The downside is that, when the app grows, support requests grow as well…

Zendesk’s live chat can also be integrated by simply incorporating their new SDK into your app. Once it’s up and running, your users can quickly communicate with you directly from within the app. Integrated file sending, chat ratings and on-demand device information help marketers to learn what needs to be improved within the app, while customers are given a sense that they are cared for and valued. With smoother communication, your users can continue with their app experience sooner.

What do you need to consider?

Allow yourself time to read all the information and set up tags for every custom field to enable accurate viewing and reporting.


Zendesk support agents begin at $5 per agent per month for basic support, and go up through a total of five pricing plans to $199 per agent per month. Variables include multilingual support, available dashboards, response time and more.

Who uses it?

Major app and non-app companies using Zendesk include Uber, Shopify, Slack, L’Oreal, Groupon and more.

6.Mobile App Attribution


What is it?

In the mobile app industry, attribution refers to the measurement of user events (such as an app install, repeat app launch, level completion, or in-app purchase) that are the result of marketing activity.

Why you MUST have mobile app attribution

In mobile advertising, attribution is defined as the process of tracking a user’s actions within a mobile app. This means that mobile app attribution tracks activity like app installs, in-app purchase behavior, repeated app launches and level completions. This information is essential, as it can help you determine the value of your ads, and where future ad spend budgets should be allocated.

Choosing your attribution partner

There are a few different solutions you should look at depending on your specific needs. The main providers, in alphabetic order, are: Adjust, Appsflyer, Apsalar, Kochava, Tenjin and Tune. Mobile app attribution solutions are super important. We’ll leave it up to you to determine which one suits your needs best.


There are many automated solutions out there that professional app marketers and business owners need to know about. Automation is the key to achieving results without increasing resources.Choosing the right automation tool for the right purpose is just as important.


Published on October 19, 2017
Written by
Ran Milo

VP Marketing @ Bidalgo.

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