‘Tis The Season for App Marketing: Holiday Opportunities

By Insights Team

The holiday season 2020 is unlike any other in the online era. With many people choosing to spend their holidays at home, the entire marketing industry had to shift and adapt.

These shifts are bound to create an opportunity for app marketers, which will begin in earnest this week.

Here’s what’s going on: anticipating an unprecedented surge in shipping driven by gifts and online shopping, retailers have begun their campaigns earlier than ever before, reminding customers that this year ordering a gift three-four days before Christmas is no longer an option if you want it to arrive by December 24th.

This year, December 15th is widely considered the last “safe” shipping date in many markets.

And so, the traditional drop in CPMs, which often begins after Black Friday and bottoms out on New Year’s Eve, is already looking sharper than last year. As retailers pause their campaigns this week, the CPMs might trend sharply down. You should be ready to capitalize on that.

The one caveat we’d like to mention is that while retailers might exit the stage earlier, competition in the app marketing space is more cutthroat than ever before.

For almost a year, many of us have been under intermittent lockdowns and have overall spent more time on our smartphones, which spurred even the smallest app developers to try and compete. Automated tools made it easier for them, and the growth in available inventory isn’t always keeping up.

In other words, even with the opportunity present, don’t be complacent. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. And as always, keep the following things in mind:

Seasonality is important – help people who see your ads understand there’s something special going on, by using seasonal creative elements.

It’s the time to test new markets – if you’re considering expanding to new markets, the low CPMs of late December and early January are a great opportunity to test customer response to your app.

It’s the time to test new creatives, tootesting, even for non-seasonal creative, is cheaper now than ever before.

If you’re already using Bidalgo, or considering signing up – we’ve heard from clients that seeing all of their data, across all channels and sources, in one place, makes holiday activity management easier, especially when this time period is used for testing and exploration.

Happy Holidays!

Published on December 14, 2020
Written by
Insights Team

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