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Bidalgo’s unique algo-bidding platform

A central issue in performance advertising is matching campaigns to ad impressions that will maximize revenue, despite budget limitations and inventory availability. Algo-bidding is the use of an electronic platform to enter orders into the Facebook ad auction with a set of algorithms that allow real-time analysis and optimization of the bidding price. Algo-bidding is an automatic, round-the-clock process that does not require any human intervention.

Bidalgo starts to collect data in real-time after it creates a large A/B testing on your campaign based on different texts, images, target audiences, etc.

Initial campaign results are received from Facebook and the advertiser (e.g. number of deposits, registrations, downloads, etc.), which Bidalgo then uses to determine the best possible way to meet your campaign goals.

Orders are placed in the Facebook auction through the official Facebook API with high burst rates of orders to secure prime positions for your ads.

Bidalgo begins this cyclical process again and continues to do so 24/7 to ensure that your campaign is always perfectly positioned to achieve the best results.