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Facebook has more than 750+ million engaged mobile users and now you can drive unprecedented levels
of native mobile installs from this massive sea of opportunity with Bidalgo.

As one of the first official Facebook API partners to introduce the new Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, Bidalgo is now offering mobile developers the opportunity to drive installs from all mobile platforms for their native mobile app.

Appear in the most engaging place on Facebook's platform, the mobile newsfeed.

Target the highest quality users with Bidalgo's sophisticated ad targeting technology - available exclusively at Bidalgo - that can target active users within your genre or similar apps and users who recently purchased virtual currently.

Use Bidalgo's BI dashboard to track and compare users' LTV to make investment decisions using our advanced forecasting analysis.

Working with Bidalgo on various Business Models, including CPI/ CPA, making sure you only pay for the results that matter to you.

Right now our clients' are seeing ROIs of up to 30% within only a few days from their mobile acquisition advertising through Bidalgo.

For more information on Bidalgo's Mobile Install Ads on Facebook or on how Bidalgo can help you maximize your social advertising, contact Joshua Swerdlow, Director of Business Development & Sales: