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About Bidalgo

Is there a registration fee?

Nope! It's 100% free to join.

What can Bidalgo do for my business?

We offer a fully-managed advertising media optimization service through a variety of risk-free plans: CPA, CPI, CPP, CPF. As an official Facebook marketing API partner, Bidalgo uses its unique algo-bidding platform to buy and optimize all Facebook advertisement options, enabling our advertisers to advertise safely, generate actions and meet their social goals. Bidalgo powers Facebook media for some of the world's largest advertisers worldwide,and we can boost your media performance too.

What makes you different from other ad networks and agencies?

We are more than a social online advertising agency. Bidalgo is an internet technology based company that specializes and focuses solely on Facebook media optimization and generation of quality users and actions. We will help you use the social content of your brand in Facebook advertisement. We provide a fully managed social marketing solution that is all performance in real time. As a result, the Bidalgo platform is able to deliver best social media results.

Tell me more about the company.

We are a self-funded, profitable and fast growing internet technology company. Based in Israel, Bidalgo was established two years ago. Its founders developed an advanced system that manages thousands of campaigns for each advertiser while simultaneously making optimization decisions in real time per social performance goal. The Bidalgo solution is a very advanced system that functions as a must-have layer between Facebook and the advertiser, allowing him to maximize Facebook advertisement capabilities. We have vast experience in bringing our advertisers the best results per target country and tailor specific social media plans per advertiser.

What does Bidalgo do exactly?

As an official Facebook marketing API partner, Bidalgo offers total Facebook media solutions to some of the largest, advertisers and application developers worldwide. Bidalgo delivers BIG social results from high quality, monetizing users using our proprietary algo-bidding Facebook API platform. The Bidalgo platform is capable of unparalleled audience targeting and segmentation. We drive tens of billions of ads X ad impressions in over 50 countries