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“Bidalgo Delivered The Highest ROI
And Quality Traffic We’ve Ever Seen!”

Eran Gonen,

CEO, Mytopia Social Games 


Unbeatable Facebook Advertising Results


Maximize the effectiveness of your social advertising budget with Bidalgo. Just tell us your goals and we'll deliver the volumes.


The Bidalgo Effect

Our clients have experienced:
50% higher conversion rates, 70% lower Cost Per Install, 400% increase in Monthly Active Users 80% Cost Per Click reduction in just one week!


Smart Decision Making Technology


Bidalgo's smart, self-learning media buying algorithms auto-bid on the most cost-effective ad impressions for your campaigns. Real-time analysis & optimization technology secure you prime positions in the Facebook ad auction  24/7.


All Mobile Games Can Go Social with Bidalgo

Facebook has more than 600 million engaged mobile users and now you can drive unprecedented levels
of native mobile installs from this massive sea of opportunity with Bidalgo.

An unstoppable force in performance based social media advertising

At the center of Bidalgo's technology is the powerful algo-bidding platform. Based on a set of unique algorithms that allow real-time analysis and optimization of the bidding price, algo-bidding is an automatic, round-the-clock process that does not require any human intervention.


Bidalgo quadruples monthly active users in less than 1 month!

In a campaign for a US-targeted Facebook game application, Bidalgo quadrupled MAU from 400,000 to 1,600,000 in just 1 month!